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‘Camper Wonderland’ is a family traveling and busking juggling project on 4 wheels. In our lovely camper van

Traveling with the RV to Wonderland(s)

How is traveling affected by Covid-19 (Baltics)

Despite the disencouraging restrictions and Governmental recommendations, traveling with motorhome during Corona virus around the Baltics and Poland was easier than expected. Wearing #corona masks in Poland, before entering a library. Despite the fact that there are signs for mandatory facemasks in public spaces, most Poles are wearing them below their nose ( hard toContinue reading “How is traveling affected by Covid-19 (Baltics)”

Best food on the road

There’s a top 3 best cuisine or DIY cooking in ‘hotel matkajaa’ aka our motorhome. This trip we randomly covered the Baltics and Poland. As we’d normally look for vegan and vegetarian meals, the food culture became a bit hectic outside Finland and Estonia. But anyways, here’s the best/convenient at the time when belly wasContinue reading “Best food on the road”

Down the rabbit hole to follow our adventure:

Home is where our van is

the haapala’s


The surprise_surprise of the trip


Chasing the kind autumn is a challenge, but our rythm of traveling stays ‘natural’ no hurry no worries time is all we have 🙂 goes on Soon to be close to Latvian border and, despite the travel restrictions recently imposed, we’ll try to transit with no stops and continue to the Southern part of theContinue reading “Haapsalu-Pärnu”

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